I am asking Brookfield residents to look past all the campaign slogans, accusations and things from the past that have been thrown around the last few months and just choose the best people. Candidates who want in have spent a lot of time telling you how bad things are. 

The Landmark was right when they recently said, “There are times when change is needed desperately to right the course of a governmental body. And while there are some in Brookfield who’d like to claim that the village is headed in the wrong direction, that’s just not the case. There has been no time in more than a decade where Brookfield government has felt more stable, both from a financial point of view and looking ahead to the future.”

Vote for people, not party labels. I agree you should not vote for someone just because of a party label. However, it is just as illogical to vote for someone because you think another party should have someone on the board. Choose the candidates who have the education, experience and record of public service. 

I think you should be suspect of people who show up a few months before an election and claim to have all the answers and tell you they will only share them if they are elected. We need to keep moving forward. So much has been accomplished, but we cannot slow down.

When you truly look at the candidates, you see that three stand out. Ryan Evans, David LeClere and Michelle Ryan have my strong personal support. 

I know there are plenty of people who do not like me or disagree with me. I am very proud to have served the village as an elected official in my hometown and Ryan, Dave and Michelle are the people who share my passion and dedication. 

Please consider supporting them to keep Brookfield moving forward

Mike Garvey


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