I was working in the garage a few days back and Denise stopped and told me Bob Skupa had died, and we shared sorrow and smiled, too, because Bob was special and touched many in a positive way. I cried after she left.

A few minutes later, the younger Bob, his son, came over and we shared a strong hug and cried together. Good, special people will make you do this.

I only knew Bob for a few years. I saw him first at church and later at Cantata for rehab and medical care, and occasionally around his neighborhood.

Bob always seemed to be in pain, but you would never know it because of his big smile, hearty handshake and positive attitude. He loved Chicago sports teams, his family and was always warm to people.

Whenever I visited him I always felt better for it, because of his warmth and solid handshakes, often three, four times a visit. Any sports item I gave Bob he shared first with his family and then other patients — but he kept a few specials for himself.

He never gave up and expected to be around for a long time. He always looked forward to tomorrow being better.

Bob left a positive impression on the staff at Cantata and all others who came in contact with him.

He certainly made me feel great. Any time I missed seeing him was a total loss. More Bobs in the world and there would be a lot more joy, peace and goodness amongst us all.

Jim Zak

North Riverside