We, the village of Riverside Parks and Recreation Board, and fellow D96 parents, would like to encourage all D96 parents and D96 Board of Education members (present and future) to support a before- and after-school program provided by the Riverside Parks and Recreation Department. (This program is currently provided by the Pav YMCA in Berwyn.) 

The Riverside Parks and Recreation Department has a vested interest in the D96 community, as it is our community, too. We have long viewed this offering as an important need of our parents and, quite simply, we’d like to make this program the best it could be. To that end, we have a long track record of assuming responsibility for and enhancing many established programs. 

More specifically, several years ago, we took over the summer camp program from the Pav YMCA. We have doubled attendance, with many children returning year after year and many weeks booking up months in advance, all due to program improvements and high parent satisfaction. 

We also recently partnered with the Riverside Farmers’ Market and the Riverside Arts Weekend to support and develop their programs. We now look forward to partnering more significantly with D96.

It is our job to serve our community and this includes the D96 community.

Katie Leander, Jamie Brand, Elizabeth Kos, Ron Ritzler and Carrie Zalewski

Riverside Parks and Recreation Board