After months of planning, it appears as though the Brookfield-LaGrange Park School District 95 Board of Education is one step closer to finally giving the green light for erecting Brook Park School’s long-anticipated mobile classroom unit. 

At the district’s school board meeting on April 9, Superintendent Mark Kuzniewski and district’s architect, Steve Cashman, provided the board with their recommendations for moving ahead.

After comparing construction companies for the project and figuring in the district’s finances, the Kuzniewski has recommended EMOD Construction Company as its project vendor. The lease would be for three years.

The total cost for the unit is expected to be about $581,000 over the three-year term of the lease, including the cost of construction and monthly lease payments.

Kuzniewski recommended paying the total construction cost of $317,880 up front instead of rolling it into monthly payments, which would incur about $12,000 in interest over the term of the lease.

He also recommended paying the lease on a monthly basis rather as an annual lump-sum payment, even though paying monthly will result in the district spending about $1,500 more per year.

“Should something go wrong in month three and we need the air conditioning or heat fixed, and the company is not responsive and they have our money, we have no leverage against them,” Kuzniewski said. “[The difference] seems to be worth it to have that leverage.”

Kuzniewski and Cashman said the next step will be to give EMOD Construction Company a letter of intent, in order for the company to begin preparing plans for the unit.

The school board is expected to vote to formally approve the deal for the mobile classroom unit at its meeting May 14, after being granted a permit by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

“There will be no site work done before the MWRD permit,” Kuzniewski added. 

Cashman said that in meetings with both the village of LaGrange Park and MWRD, at this point in time it would be very unlikely that the MWRD would not approve of the project.

“They would have said right away if they didn’t want to move along with the project,” Cashman said. 

Should everything go as planned, Cashman said, the shipping date for the mobile classroom materials would occur during the third week of June and construction would last through July.