Dear members of the village of Brookfield and the people in charge of RB High School and all the readers of the Landmark newspaper:  

My name is Claire and I am 9 years old. I go to Hollywood School in Brookfield. I’m in third grade.   

I found out that you are going to take away the green area next to my school. That green area might be the most important part of our school. We have special activities there. We have had Field Day there. The green space is a place where special memories are made for all the kids.  

It is something that I don’t want to be taken away. It is such a special place where friendships have been made.

The green space is important for other many other reasons. It is important for kids to play on.  Green areas are important because our environment needs them. The green area is also important to get rid of flood water. The grass helps drink the water. Black top is hot. Grass is cool.  

You probably know this already, but grass and the beautiful flowers look prettier than black top.

Plus, you will save a lot of money by just leaving the grass there.  

Don’t take away the green space!      

Claire Krupske


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