Is anyone at least somewhat concerned that the new Riverside-Brookfield High School stadium will be carrying the name of a long-ago Chicago mayor who, as far as I know, has never attended the school of lived in the Riverside-Brookfield area?

It seems strange that the decision to accept the sum of $140,000 was made so quickly and turned into a done deal. I wonder what brought on the sudden announcement by the members of the District 208 school board.

Could there not have been a local group fundraising effort to assure that the naming rights of the new structure would give recognition to someone who meant more to the community?

Although I have not lived in Riverside my entire life, nor did I attend the school, I should like to take a guess that there have been many graduates and/or residents who would be willing to contribute substantial sums of money and be far more deserving of the honor of having the stadium carry their name than what was decided upon by the school board.

Not quite the same as the overnight disappearance of Meigs Field, although …

Ellie Babka