Fifty years! That is a long time for anything, but when you are talking about being married for 50 years, you’re really talking long time! 

However, Husband Joe and I made it last week and are here to talk about it. The question I have been asked most is, “What is the secret?” 

There is no secret, and if there was a formula it wouldn’t be a secret and there would be more successful marriages. I would like to say something simple, like eating Greek yogurt or drinking a glass of red wine daily and follow a Mediterranean diet are the answers. 

Those things do help, though, but there is much more. You have to learn to laugh, at the right times of course, but you need to keep laughter in your marriage and remember why you did marry that person, which can be laughable in itself. 

Think back to your vows, which for us looking at the wedding pictures should have included “through thick and thin.” Joe always says there are peaks and valleys in a marriage, and sometimes those valleys can be pretty deep, but you learn to survive and come back up.

There are so many things learned through years of marriage. Just because your husband say he likes peas does not mean he does not like other vegetables, that socks were not meant to come out of the wash in pairs, and one of his favorite phrases will be “you never told me.” I’ve heard ’em all. You grow as individuals and as a couple and share good and bad times.

Remembering back to April 24, 1965, we were married at 9 a.m. at St. Mary’s (I like to say Joe was married before he was fully awake). A brunch reception followed at Mangam’s Chateau in Lyons (which is now a McDonald’s). And, it rained, which is supposed to be good luck and I guess it was.

We’ve come a long way from being that cute, wide-eyed couple in 1965 and have accomplished much. We have two great kids, Michael and Tina, and their spouses Pam and Eric; five terrific grandchildren, Stephanie, Elena, Max, Parker and McKenna; and a soon to be grandson-in-law, Tyler. 

So we go to bed a little earlier and sometimes I have to repeat things to him, but that’s OK. They say time flies when you’re having a good time and it has flown by. It was a fast 50 years. Let’s keep it going!