Last week Hauser Junior High concluded its 44th annual canned food drive, benefitting the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Food Pantry in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. I’m proud to report that the community collected almost 25,000 non-perishable food items for families in need.

Sponsored for the first time by the Hauser Parent Teacher Organization, some changes were made to the food drive. The timing was changed from December to April to help stock the Salvation Army’s food pantry, which is almost bare in the spring, as well as to accommodate PTO’s need for more parent volunteers. 

Also, the collection period was shortened to two weeks. Through all of this, our commitment to helping hungry families remains unchanged, and you can look for Hauser students to come collecting again next spring.

A project of this size wouldn’t be successful without the great students who collected cans and money, the parent volunteers who stood in our POD every day collecting food, the teachers and staff at Hauser who encouraged the students to collect cans and the community members who made donations.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Steve Juracka, Hauser principal, and Mrs. Stacy Westin, assistant principal, for their tremendous support of the food drive, to the Riverside Fire Department for taking the aerial photo of our outdoor canned food display and to our food drive chairwomen, Lisa Gaynor and Lisa Freel, for their months of planning and dedication to one of Hauser’s oldest and finest traditions.

Carol Barlow, president

Hauser PTO