There are two reasons to have an age-bearing identification card. The first is when one reaches the age where one would like to partake in a libation of the alcoholic variety. The second is when one reaches the age that comes with many perks. 

Both reasons for being “carded” are valid, but getting carded can either cause offense or flatter you. This subject came to mind when I attended last week’s Senior Fair at the North Riverside Village Commons. It is a time to get information and “freebies” on whatever subject is of important to you.

As you enter the building from the parking lot, you are greeted by the North Riverside police who give you a small plastic bag for you to put your goodies in. Promptly I’m given a couple of pens with a small key chain flashlight. Thank you, Lane. Proceeding to the Riverside Township table, I say “hi” to Assessor Fran Sitkiewicz before heading to the table set up by officials from the state of Illinois — nope no money in the unclaimed department. 

As I made my way around the room, my little bag was filling up with pens, pill carriers, a magnifying glass/book mark and (my favorite) a mini football I can squeeze to relieve stress (were it only that simple). 

I continued around picking up literature and putting it in my little plastic bag until I was given a small tote bag to put my bag and more stuff into; I was now a walking advertisement for Humana. I signed up for raffle prizes that I didn’t win (Maggie from Edward Jones had a lovely tea basket), went into the photo booth but passed on the scones and other edible items, although all looked good.

I now know how many places will be glad to have me move in, which will make my children happy.

What I did realize was how many great things there are for seniors — the North Riverside Golden Agers group, St. Mary’s Senior Sages, programs through Riverside Township, enough to keep everyone busy or how to get help if needed. 

So if you are a senior, have your ID ready in case someone doesn’t believe you are a senior and get to the next Senior Fair early. You don’t want to miss out on a good parking space, the free cookies and coffee. And you can always use another pen. Here’s to the Golden Years!