If you’re near the west end of Brookfield near Ogden Avenue on Saturday morning and you see what looks like smoke and a major response to a fire, don’t worry — its only a drill.

The MABAS Division 10 Hazmat Team will be conducting a drill at the Sweetener Supply Sugar Plant, 9500 Southview Ave., on Saturday, May 16 from 8 AM through noon. This drill will be in conjunction with BNSF railroad and the Brookfield Police Department. The Brookfield Fire Department and Riverside Fire Department are members of MABAS Division 10, a mutual aid consortium of about 20 fire departments, including Riverside.

There will be Haz Mat Squads and fire apparatus from as far away as Argonne Labs in Darien to as clos as Lyons and Forestview. Fire department equipment will be located in the 9500 block of Southview Avenue inside the Riverside Concrete and Pump Corp. parking lot. The drill will involve theatrical (non-toxic) smoke emitting from a box car.

It is only a drill. There is no danger.

Submitted to the village of Brookfield