There are many families whose names can be found in the history of Riverside. The Creadon family is one such family, dating back generations to the “old’ Creadon farmhouse on Lawton Road. 

It’s a family who has left its mark on Riverside in many ways, something which was brought to mind with the recent passing of Francis “Pat” Creadon Jr.

Pat’s father, Francis, was active in Riverside, serving as a village trustee. He was also active at St. Mary’s Church, and he passed that sense of involvement along Pat. For many years Pat served as board president of the Des Plaines Valley Mosquito Abatement District and he was a proud Democrat, even at a time when there were not too many in Riverside. 

He was true to his schools, St. Mary’s, Fenwick High School and Notre Dame. Pat loved to sing, as did his father, and if there was a “show” at St. Mary’s you can be sure you would hear the voice of Pat Creadon. He was also a member of the Paulist Choir of Chicago.

When Pat married Carol Scuderi it was only natural for them to settle in Riverside and continue the Creadon legacy. They became parents to four children, Mary Carol (Murphy), Patrick, Michael and Maureen (Hamilton), with Mary Carol staying in Riverside after her marriage.

Our paths crossed often and there was always something to talk about, particularly as we reminisced about people we both knew or events that had happened. I remember a time we were waiting for our third grandchild to be born, and Pat called to announce that his daughter Mary Carol was expecting triplets; we laughed at how quickly he had caught up to us. He managed to pass us up since there are now 11 Creadon grandchildren and five Kosey grandkids.

Pat Creadon loved Riverside and could be seen at most events in town, smiling and enjoying whatever was happening, be it a car show or Fourth of July.

He enjoyed life and his family and the years had given him many friends, so it was not surprising that the line at his wake at Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home was so long that people waited for over an hour. The funeral at St. Mary’s was also a testimonial to his life as there wasn’t a seat to be had.

The Creadon legacy in Riverside will continue through the Murphy family, Mary Ellen Creadon O’Donnell, Kathleen Creadon Sullivan and Pat’s wife, Carol.