There were lots of birthday candles blown out recently with some 80th birthdays being celebrated in May.

Mike Wimmer was surprised by his family and friends at the Village Pub in North Riverside. Wimmer believed we were getting together to celebrate my birthday (not 80) so when he entered the restaurant he sang “Happy Birthday” to me while everyone else sang to him.

Formerly a resident of Riverside and now of Brookfield, Wimmer is an architect and a former member of the Riverside Historical Commission. He was instrumental in the designing of the interior of the Riverside Historical Museum. 

It was while he was a member of the Commission that the Coonley Estate received its National Historic Landmark designation and helped make the decision as to where the plaque for the estate would be placed. Placement of the plaque had been a small controversy.

He has been an active member of the Riverside Township Lions Club, having served as second vice president and a director. Now retired, he spends time with family and can be found daily at Higgins Glass in Riverside where his wife, Louise, and son, Jonathan, are busy carrying on the legacy of Frances and Michael Higgins through their distinctive glass artwork.

Riversider Jim Spachman, as well as family and friends, celebrated his 80th over the course of a few days. The final leg of the celebrating took place at breakfast at Connie’s Restaurant in Berwyn. it seems grandchildren wanted to know about the “Connie” they were always hearing about. 

Connie’s is frequented by Spachman and a group of men who meet almost daily to eat and solve the problems of the world. Some of the members of the “Breakfast Club” have been friends since their high school days at Riverside-Brookfield. 

During football season you will hear lots of armchair quarterbacking, since a member of the group is John Damore, who is a former professional football player and former RBHS football teammate of Spachman’s. If you ever happen to be there when the group meets, you will find it is quite entertaining.

Happy 20th: Not a birthday but a definite cause for celebration, The Chew Chew restaurant is celebrating 20 years in business in Riverside. 

Its popularity has grown throughout the Chicago area as owner Scott Zimmer continues to redefine his culinary creations. Zimmer, thankfully decided to remain in Riverside after he had to move from the Arcade Building when it closed. 

Watch for special events at the restaurant. I give it 5 stars and congratulations.