Back in March when the Riverside Village Board voted to change its waste hauling service from Republic Services to Flood Brothers, one of the things trustees shot down was pink garbage cans. Yes, pink.

Flood Brothers was offering the pink containers to any resident who wanted one as a way to show support and raise money for breast cancer research. The company said it would make a donation to a cancer foundation of choice on behalf of any customer who rented a pink cart from Flood Brothers.

Well, this being Riverside, the pink carts didn’t go over well. A little jarring for the landscape.

That didn’t set well, apparently, with Riverside resident Mary Somers, a breast cancer survivor. After the board’s decision to deep-six the pink carts, Somers wrote to the board letting them know her displeasure.

“I think it’s a lovely idea to drive through our streets and see a rainbow of colors at the curb,” Somers wrote. “The garbage carts are at the curb for a very short time each week, so the pink or any other color shouldn’t ‘jar’ one’s senses for very long.

“My recent cancer battle taught me a very important lesson of perspective and what really matters in life. Let’s not sweat the small stuff.”

So when Flood Brothers dropped off a green cart this week as it began serving Riverside, Somers knew just what she’d do — cover it in stickers depicting pink ribbons and bearing the word “Survivor.”

Somers sent an email to members of the village board, including a photo of herself standing next to the cart and included the message, “We recently received our new garbage cart, and in light of the Village Board of Trustees voting down Flood Brothers offer of pink garbage carts, I took matters into my own hands and wanted to share the results with all of you.”

For the record, if you would like to show your support for breast cancer research, Riverside residents can ask for a trash container with a pink sticker affixed to it. Flood Brothers will then make $5 donation to the cause.

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