Hey, all you sports fans out there, you must be in your glory because there are a plethora of sports to be watched. I will admit to being a sports fan with no real preference, but I tend to watch in the appropriate season. 

Presently we are into overlapping seasons currently we have baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer, tennis and postseason play for high school and college spring sports.

So this past weekend, TV time permitting, I watched some golf as they went into “sudden death” which I think is an ominous phrase for such a polite game. I agonized over the Blackhawks, but I know there are more games to play. 

The Bulls had me reaching for the Tums as I look to next year and I can calmly watch the finals with no particular favorite. I do like Golden State, because Stephen Curry’s little girl is a charmer at press conferences. 

Locally I can watch the WNBA and the Sky. Soccer seems to be on at all times on many channels, so I can always watch that. Tennis had some big matches over the weekend both male and female. I like to watch the final matches and find myself grunting along with them. Keeping up on tennis gives me something to talk about with my dermatologist, Dr. Whitney, an avid tennis player.

But it’s baseball season now, and that means the Cubs and, yes, the Sox. The Cubs look like a real team this year, but then I think that every year. Remember it’s not about the rooftops or bleachers, it’s what’s on the field that counts, Ricketts family.

Football I’m not thinking about, but I am adding the Jacksonville Jaguars to my list because my soon-to-be grandson-in-law, Tyler Sylvester, is their athletic trainer assigned to a wide receiver, so if he goes down we can watch Tyler run onto the field. Of course, I’m a Bears fan first.

The best this weekend was American Pharoah, the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. What an exciting race! The horse is referred to as an athlete and I agree. So when Sports Illustrated chooses its Athlete of the Year, I don’t think you will see the likes of Steph Curry or LeBron James on the cover, I say American Pharoah should win by more than a nose.

Now let’s get that Stanley Cup back to Chicago!