We’d like to commend the Riverside Junior Woman’s Charity for stepping up and offering to fund the purchase of 19 kits containing a heroin-overdose antidote called Narcan.

When a club member found out police were going through training on how to use the antidote in DuPage County, she went to her fellow members and pitched them to award $1,300 to the police to purchase the kits, which will be at officers’ fingertips whenever they’re confronted with a possible overdose situation in the future.

And we’d also like to commend the police department for actively seeking out the training and working with the Riverside Juniors to obtain the antidote. While we’d like to think that heroin abuse is something that happens only outside of Riverside, we know that’s simply not the case.

Police are often the first responders to medical emergencies. In the case of heroin overdoses, now police have the ability to help save a life when that help is needed immediately.