Riverside-Brookfield Landmark sports has chosen its 2014-2015 All-Star team for the past school year. Here are the top high school athletes from Riverside-Brookfield, Lyons Township, Fenwick and Trinity, who were celebrated along with our Team, Male Athlete, Female Athlete, Coach and Volunteers of the Year award winners at our Riverside-Brookfield Landmark Sports Awards Party in our community room held on Wednesday, June 17.

Thanks to food providers Winberie’s and Bua Hana, along with Minuteman Press which provided dynamic posterboards depicting our top team, athletes and coaches in action.


Lindsey Arnston, Lyons Township softball; Alex Bakalich, Riverside-Brookfield badminton; Sotero Barraza, Riverside-Brookfield soccer; Connor Berek, Riverside-Brookfield baseball; Samantha Bloom, Riverside-Brookfield basketball; Sierra Brown, Trinity track; Al’lon Carter, Riverside-Brookfield wrestling; Matt Chapp, Riverside-Brookfield football/track; Jalen Clanton, Riverside-Brookfield basketball; Weston Credit, Lyons Township swimming; Janae Dabney, Riverside-Brookfield basketball; Vanessa Flaherty, Lyons Township track; Sal Flight, Fenwick cross country/track; Riley Frisbie, Lyons Township softball; Kevin Garza, Riverside-Brookfield swimming; Louis Grigoletti, Riverside-Brookfield football; Kendall Hastings, Riverside-Brookfield softball; Emma Haugen, Lyons Township track; Lana Herrmann, Riverside-Brookfield softball; Tom Hickey, Lyons Township baseball; Mike Hill, Fenwick swimming; Maddie Hopek, Riverside-Brookfield cheerleading; Lyndsey Hoyd, Riverside-Brookfield basketball; Jon Hudson, Lyons Township golf; Anyssa Iliopoulos, Trinity softball; Daniko Jackson, Riverside-Brookfield basketball; Alex Janicki, Lyons Township gymnastics; Hannah Juley, Lyons Township volleyball; Hailey Jurgens, Riverside-Brookfield cross country/track; Meg Kowalski, Lyons Township tennis; Michael Krecek, Fenwick baseball/football; Brian Kulaga, Riverside-Brookfield baseball/football; Allie Kucera, Riverside-Brookfield soccer; Kelsy Kurfirst, Lyons Township gymnastics; George Lundgren, Lyons Township water polo; Jack Mahoney, Fenwick water polo; Annie McKenna, Trinity basketball; Marvin McKenzie, Riverside-Brookfield track; Theresa Mullen, Fenwick swimming; Harrison Niego, Lyons Township basketball; Jordan Petronella, Riverside-Brookfield football/track and field; Jaquan Phillips, Lyons Township basketball; David Pribyl-Pierdinock, Riverside-Brookfield football; Toni Saracco, Lyons Township volleyball; Patrick Schneider, Lyons Township Special Ed. basketball/swimming; Erin Scudder, Fenwick swimming; Anna Sloan, Trinity track; Lacey Smith, Riverside-Brookfield gymnastics; Mark Smith, Riverside-Brookfield basketball; Kaysie Stuba, Lyons Township water polo; Jake Surprenant, Rivrside-Brookfield basketball; Ryan Swift, Riverside-Brookfield football; Carrie Reilly, Trinity softball; Dana Rettke, Riverside-Brookfield basketball/volleyball; Quinn Risley, Riverside-Brookfield swimming; Alex Ross, Lyons Township tennis; Gianni Ross, Lyons Township tennis; Leonard Ross, Lyons Township football; Olivia Ryan, Fenwick cross country/track; Sam Szczepaniak, Lyons Township water polo; Erika Sterner, Riverside-Brookfield badminton; John Szydlo, Riverside-Brookfield wrestling; Carly Uhlir, Trinity volleyball; Kimmy Vitek, Lyons Township diving; David Wackrow, Riverside-Brookfield volleyball; Spencer Walker, Lyons Township swimming; Caroline Walsh, Lyons Township water polo; Haley Wolfer, Riverside-Brookfield cheerleading


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