The Village of Riverside Parks and Recreation Board would like to acknowledge and thank Riverside Little League for our continued, successful working relationship and partnership. Our increased communication and coordination has had a wonderful impact on our community and has benefited all those families that participate in the program. 

We’d also like to thank Riverside Little League and all of its supporters for the recent improvements at the Indian Gardens roadside field. Many community members have already taken note of the recently enlarged and covered dugouts there. 

Such a project (and upgrade!) is very expensive and simply not within the parks and rec budget. In addition to this field improvement, Little League will also be providing new storage sheds at each ball field. We thank you because these improvements not only benefit Little League, but all of the programs that take place at these fields. 

We appreciate Riverside Little League working with us to accomplish such wonderful improvements and look forward to completing future projects like these together at all of the Riverside baseball and softball fields. 

Finally, we would like to thank Little League again for their assistance with annual field maintenance and the daily maintenance of the fields during the busy baseball season — especially Craig Chapulis, for his tireless work and coordination of the field maintenance efforts. Our fields have never looked better, and we know that it is through the efforts of many that the fields look the way they do. 

If you haven’t attended one of the annual Riverside Little League fundraiser events, please consider doing so next year. It’s a great night out with friends for a great cause with very tangible results for our community. 

None of the above-mentioned projects are possible without the generous donations of the Riverside community and we also thank you for your support of the Riverside Little League. This event has been generously held the last two years at Marlins in Lyons and we hope you will keep an eye out for it next year.

Katie Leander (chair), Jamie Brand, Elizabeth Kos, Ron Ritzler, Carrie Zalewski

Riverside Parks and Recreation Board