Riverside will be featured in a TV series that will be broadcast nationwide next year on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

 Village President Ben Sells announced on June 18 that Riverside will be part of a show titled 10 Towns that Changed America, one of three new 10 that Changed America programs currently in the works.

The shows, which will be hosted by WTTW-TV’s Geoffrey Baer, are being filmed now. Baer last week posted photos of himself and his film crew in Levittown, New York, one of the 10 towns featured in the program.

10 Towns that Changed America will offer a primer in the history of urban planning,” says a brief announcement of the series on the WTTW website. “We’ll learn about the evolution of the suburb with the popularization of the automobile, meet idealistic city planners who tried (and often failed) to reinvent urban living, and end with the current trend of walkable, transit-oriented developments.”

The 1869 plan for Riverside — regarded as a landmark achievement in suburban planning — was laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted, whose design for Central Park in New York City will be featured in the show 10 Parks that Changed America.

The third show in the series is titled 10 Houses that Changed America. The series follows in the wake of success Baer had with his program 10 Buildings that Changed America in 2013.

According to WTTW’s filming application on file with the village, the first filming to be done will be via drone between 9 a.m. and noon on July 7. Drones will be launched from various parks to capture aerial views of Riverside.

A film crew will be back in the village on July 23 and 24 to shoot other sites in Riverside and to tape interviews.

The segment on Riverside, according to the application, will focus on the “landscape design, history and architectural significance of Riverside and how it influenced design in America.”

The village board agreed on June 18 to waive the $500 application fee.

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