As administrators and teachers flee Lyons-Brookfield School District 103, it’s still unclear exactly what the future holds for the district, which was taken over by allies of Lyons Village President Christopher Getty in April.

Since that time, the entire administration has turned over, with the new board majority bringing in a politically connected superintendent, a new law firm, new business manager and now a new technology director.

We have no idea how any of them will perform in the future, but the fact that the changes were made so quickly gives us a little pause. Especially when we ask for comment on certain peculiarities — like why the resume that the new technology director submitted to the district doesn’t include his most recent job, from which he was fired — and can’t get an answer.

None of the resignation letters submitted by former District 103 staffers openly criticizes what’s going on inside the district, but there’s not a lot of comfort when the former technology director warns residents to pay attention or a social worker writes that she can’t believe her time with the district would end the way it did.

With the school year about to commence, the new regime in District 103 is just about entrenched. Now comes the hard part — making sure they are held accountable. Your children’s education depends on it.