If I thought this column (and the Landmark newspaper as a whole) had readership limited to the surrounding circulation area I am wrong. Yes, I admit it I can be wrong. 

Case in point. Recently, I did a column on street addresses and a project done years ago by college students painting the curbs in the area with house numbers. I attributed much of it to one Moose Moravec, formerly of Riverside now of Beverly Hills, California 90210. I stand corrected.

A call came from Douglas Matook, a resident of Downers Grove, who had been one of the young men who had participated in the project. He had some info as to who really started the curb painting. 

Apparently, someone in Brookfield forwarded the story to former area resident Jack Feeney, who now lives in Florida. Feeney then contacted Matook (who has always wanted to be mentioned in this column) asking if the story could be corrected. 

So here is the story. One Douglas Lange, former Riverside resident and 1960 Riverside-Brookfield High School graduate, was attending college at Harvard, where curb painting was being done in the Boston area. 

Home for the summer, he brought the idea to some of his high school classmates suggesting they try it here. Feeney took hold of the idea and enlisted some of his friends and the project took off. 

Since no one can remember the names of all the industrious youths, I will name those whose names I was given; some of them were Jack Feeney, Douglas Matook, Ken Gallis and Moose Moravec. I stand corrected.

Happy anniversary: Since I started writing this column in 1997, I have had a number of editors. Some were better than others, some I liked better than others and I have lost count how many there were. 

Up until 12 years ago, my favorite was a young man named Alexi Zentner. That was until Bob Uphues came to The Landmark. This month, Bob is celebrating 12 years with the paper, which is a testimony to his professionalism and all-around good work. 

In that time we have differed but mostly agreed and most of all become friends. Congratulations, Bob and keep up the good work. Thanks for your help, here’s to more years with The Landmark for both of us.

Congratulations … to a special couple, Sue and Scuffy Gross, who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. 

And, to Lupe and Rey Navarro, another special couple — happy 64th anniversary! And here I thought Husband Joe and I did well making it to 50 years.