Restaurants have voracious appetites for money, especially during start up. Instead of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on new curbs and other stuff we really don’t need, why not set up a fund to contribute something like $1,000 a month toward rent for a restaurant to go into the Arcade Building, in the old Chew Chew space. 

It would help out the Arcade Building’s owner, Mr. Zappani, with finding a tenant that could make that place come alive, and help to draw other businesses. He spent a lot of his own money and did the village a great favor to do such a fine restoration of a landmark building that was close to being lost. 

This would be a big help to him in finding a tenant, and help the owner/operator over the first years of getting established. This will do a lot more for the village and its residents than some planters and streetscape features.

Don Spatny