The mystery of the “booby dino” graffiti — so-dubbed by police because it depicts a cartoon dinosaur or dragon with what appears to be large bare breasts — that’s popped up in the southwest part of Brookfield since June has been solved, police have reported.

On Sept. 2, police arrested a 25-year-old Brookfield man as he was riding a bicycle in the vicinity of the Congress Park train station, where there have been several reports of the graffiti during the past three months, at about midnight.

At first the subject told police he was riding to catch a train into the city, a story he later abandoned. Police noted that the subject was carrying a backpack that contained a large pink marker — like the kind used in prior dinosaur graffiti incidents.

But a telltale connection also was on the man’s arm — a tattoo of a dinosaur-looking creature with large bare breasts.

Between June 25 and Aug. 28, the dinosaur graffiti appeared on the walls of the Congress Park train tunnel on three occasions and on two other structures near the train depot.

The subject also appeared to be the same person who appeared on a surveillance camera video from the Brookfield Express Car Wash, 9545 Ogden Ave., where the dino graffiti was discovered on the morning of Aug. 21.

The same graffiti had appeared on a pay station at the car wash on Aug. 5, but it was done in erasable ink on that occasion, according to police. After the Aug. 21 incident, Brookfield police prepared a flier with photos and a description of the suspect.

On Sept. 2, a police officer on patrol in the area spotted the subject on the bike, a person who looked very much like the man pictured on the flier. The man has been charged with six misdemeanor counts of criminal defacement.