For those of you who are insomniacs and are getting tired of endless commercials, replays of athletic events or the many home shopping channels on TV, there is an alternative for those living in Riverside — and a mighty good one I might add — the village’s own cable station, Channel 6.

Under the direction of the Riverside Cable Commission, the station offers viewers a variety of programming — from informative to newsworthy to entertaining. The taping is better than many cable access-type programs and displays a degree of professionalism thanks to the members of the commission and its technical people, Production Supervisor Joe Doria and Technical Director Lorenzo Cordova.  

Most of the camera work is done by students from RB, who learn the ins and outs of television from the school’s TV production program supervisor, Gary Prokes.

I first began watching when I wanted to view village board meetings live, but wanted to stay home.  It has its advantages, one being you can make your comments without any rebuttal, refreshments are close at hand and you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing or finding a parking space. Also it can be viewed at other times since it is repeated.

The commission has broadened its programming and now one can see events they may have missed in the village. The Friends of the Fourth’s July 3 and 4 festivities are broadcast (you can relive it every day at 7:30 a.m.) — hear the band and see who was there on July 3. You can tune down the noise from the fire trucks in the parade on The Fourth.

A recent undertaking is interviewing residents for their memories of Riverside. I had the honor of being interviewed recently by Commission member Steve Wojcik, the setting was the library because it held many memories for me of growing up Riverside.  The interviews will most likely be a series to be aired in the not too distant future.

If you are a fan of old black-and-white movies, Channel 6 has them. It’s more fun to watch the Three Stooges at 3 a.m. than someone trying to sell an elliptical machine.

The Cable Commission meets the second Monday of the month in the Quiet Reading Room at the Riverside Public Library and open to all who are interested. See what you have missed in Riverside on Riverside TV Channel 6 or visit their website ( for information, past events and meetings and more.