So it’s street-sweeping day on your block in Brookfield and the street sweeper has just made a pass down the block. So you think, “I’ll just move my car back to my side of the street.”

Hold on just a minute there, buddy.

On Sept. 28, the Brookfield Village Board is expected to change the language of its ordinance regarding its once-a-week parking ban for street sweeping and leaf removal. 

The amended law will add the words “right-of-way maintenance” to the law in order to make sure the public works crews have access to those areas until the parking restriction lifts at 4 p.m.

Village Manager Keith Sbiral said that for residents things won’t be changing. They’ll still need to move their cars off their side of the street on the same day. The law states that the parking ban is in effect from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. That won’t change.

What will change, said Sbiral, is that police will now be able to ticket vehicles parking in restricted areas, even if the street sweeper has already made a pass or even if the street sweeper doesn’t make it down the block that day.

The reason for that, he said, is because there is other work that needs to be done — from filling pot holes to infrastructure work involving the public parkway (like water system repairs), where public works crews need access to a certain side of the street.

In the past, said Sbiral, police wouldn’t ticket cars if the village wasn’t actively sweeping the roads in an area. That could change because there could be other work the village needs to do.

“It’s important to emphasize from a resident standpoint that nothing’s changing,” Sbiral said. “You still have the exact same day that you have to move your car. It’s just a matter of what we’re doing.”

In 2016, the village will also begin to change street signs spelling out the change to the code. But the signs will be rolled out gradually, said Sbiral, not all at once.

“As we replace these signs, we have a new sign format,” Sbiral said. “We’re making the signs a little bigger, a little easier to read and putting some clear language on there. There’ll be a process to roll that out.”

Village President Kit Ketchmark said most residents don’t realize that all the streets of the village can’t be swept in just one week. It takes nearly two weeks to make a complete pass of the village, he said. Still, he said, it’s important to pay attention to parking restrictions.

“There is work other than street sweeping that needs to get done,” Ketchmark said.

Parking restrictions for street sweeping, leaf removal and street maintenance will continue to not be enforced on holidays.

Trustee Brian Oberhauser said he favored changing the ordinance.

“This is going to give public works a whole shift to do their best work on the streets, and people will hopefully be willing to pitch in by moving their cars off that side,” he said.

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