There is nothing like a class reunion to take a nostalgia trip and put things in perspective, which is what went on for many in the Class of 1960 from Riverside-Brookfield High School this past weekend. Since Husband Joe is a member of the class, I have always been on hand to join in the festivities. This year was the class’ 55th anniversary.

You plan in advance what you are going to wear — hopefully you lost a few pounds — and check out the yearbook to refresh your memory. I used to think it was great when someone recognized me right off the bat, only to realize that I was wearing the ever-necessary name tag, and out of necessity the print on the name tag was larger. 

Last reunion had me doubling up on my Oil of Olay after seeing how some “girls” hadn’t changed a bit since high school. Maybe they had more help than Oil of Olay.

Since there were so many people from out of town — California, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan — it was not surprising that most took a drive around the towns in the area looking for their old houses, friends’ houses and points of interest from their high school days. 

Someone even mentioned they were surprised they didn’t get stopped for looking like a suspicious car driving slowly through town and stopping to gape at various houses. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry Genant (California) didn’t drive past the corner of Addison and Harlem where his father ran Genant Paint Store. 

Carl Stattin remarked how good his former home on Downing Road looked. Mention was made of driving through Grove 2 and seeing Swan Pond — lots of nostalgia there!

It was a two-day event, this reunion, beginning Friday night at P.J. Klem’s with the big evening on Saturday at the Riverside Golf Club. It’s fun to plan these reunions, but as the classmates get older you look for different aspects in venues — good parking, places that can be sensitive to dietary requirements and no stairs. And if there are stairs, you make sure there is an elevator. Little tips from a planner.

The weekend is over and a good time was had by all, so much in fact there is talk of not waiting another five years to get together. Count us in!

Reunion alert: Judy Jisa has informed me the classes of 1957, 1958 and 1959 will be gathering at P.J. Klem’s this weekend. For more information on the date and time contact her at 708-447-7207.