Welcome Father Bill Stenzel and Father Francis Bitterman to Mater Christi Parish. The best to Father Jack, who has moved to Oklahoma to rest and reorganize his talents to continue to serve as a priest.

The archdiocese received many calls and letters to help get Mater Christi back on track. Father Bill is a special administrator sent to reorganize some things at Mater Christi, but mostly to find a new pastor who can handle the work load. He is the temporary head man until a new pastor can be found.

Father Francis is a new resident priest who works with vocations and hopes to remain at Mater Christi for quite a while — personable, happy, full of energy and a great all-round priest.

Father Bill is a vastly experienced leader, full of wisdom, knowledge and the energy and love to solve any and all problems to get Mater Christi back to its very best.

Father Bill has made a great impression on the parish and in a few short weeks has brought back a spirit of help and participation, making the overall parish a happy, well-run group.

Both priests are available, easy to talk to and full of the energy to bring Mater Christi back to a great level.

If for any reason you haven’t participated to any degree at Mater Christi, it’s time to check it out and see what’s going on. You won’t be disappointed.

James Zak

North Riverside