Show biz is hard. The hours are long, the pay is bad — well in this case, the pay is mostly zero — and the moments of glory on stage are fleeting.

But that hasn’t daunted the North Riverside Players, which for the past 25 years has, like clockwork, delivered two entertaining shows a year to the public. Yes, the troupe has had help. In an era where many community theaters and small professional theater companies are closing shop, the North Riverside group is thriving due in part to the support of the village of North Riverside, which provides a venue, rehearsal space, storage and more.

But in recent years when there was some thought about cuts to the program, the troupe stepped up its fundraising and basically runs a break-even operation.

It’s a ton of hard work and the great shows are a testament to the stalwarts who have been with the troupe since the beginning.