A little more than a month ago, the folks over at Mold-A-Rama — the company responsible for bringing zoo and museum-goers molded plastic souvenirs for the past half century — asked the general public for suggestions on a special mold to celebrate the company’s 50th year at Brookfield Zoo.

And, boy, did the public respond.

“The response was awesome,” said Paul Jones, who operates the business with his father, Bill, out of an office on 31st Street, just a short distance from the zoo.

Jones said that the company’s Facebook page received more than 2,000 likes after word spread about Mold-A-Rama’s plans for an anniversary mold and call for suggestions.

Hundreds responded on Mold-A-Rama’s Facebook page, on the Landmark’s website and Facebook page and on Brookfield Zoo’s Facebook page.

“We filtered through as much as we could, and we picked what we thought were the top five,” said Jones.

As of Thursday morning, Oct. 15, people can cast their votes at the Mold-A-Rama website.

And the finalists are:

  • Bison
  • Peacock
  • Carousel
  • Zoo entrance arches
  • Red panda

“We’re leaning toward the bison,” said Jones. “It was a favorite [by those making suggestions], although a surprising second was the peacock.”

Just how it’s going to shake out won’t be real hard to predict. The Mold-A-Rama site provides a running total once you vote. It looks as if the website will accept just one vote per IP address. Online voting ends Nov. 15.

“Once voting stops, we’ll move into the sketch phase,” Jones said.