Riverside and one of its residents made an appearance Oct. 15 in a piece on Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ-FM. 

Reporter Steven Jackson took a look at the history of a ubiquitous feature of Chicago and many of its surrounding communities — alleys. Noting that Chicago is athe “alley capital of the country,” Jackson talked about the relationships people had and have with their alleys and also about their eventual demise — which he traces to Olmsted’s plan of Riverside in 1869.

While Riverside does have a coulpe of alleys sprinkled throughout the village, the village’s meandering streets and virtually alley-less design made a huge impact on 20th century suburban design. Among those interviewed by Jackson for the piece was Riverside resident Constance Guardi, who is also chairwoman of the Riverside Historical Commission.

“The plan was so that it would meander, rather than that hustle and bustle,” Guardi says of Riverside in Jackson’s piece. “This was to be relaxed. … So that you would be able to really just have a quiet and lovely life.”

You can hear the whole segment here.