Normally, readers, the subject of this week’s column would be for next week, but I thought I would give you a heads-up to start thinking about Halloween costumes.

Like many of you, I was more times than not a Last-minute Mom on putting the costumes together. That goes for Husband Joe and I when a costume was warranted also.

There are those who are handy and crafty, people who can sew and are clever. Neighbor Kathy Braun, who can be seen daily running Riverside’s roads, made clever costumes for her son, Eric, who is now an adult. I think one year she made a dragon (or was it a dinosaur?), costumes that prompted many to say “Oh, isn’t that adorable!” 

David Navarro had a matador suit, and wasn’t he too cute? Now he’s a lawyer with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. I like to think that my kids had “clever” for their costumes, particularly when they would wear old sport jackets belonging to Husband Joe. 

They found it hard to believe that he actually wore the blue and white paisley jacket for real and the bold striped jacket that could have been worn on Gilligan’s Island. 

These were fallback costumes when we were at a loss the day before Halloween and I didn’t want to give up another sheet to a ghost. As they got older, the kids created costumes using their own creativity.

This year, one can look to the news to get some ideas. If you can figure out the hair maybe you can use the stuff they are using for spider webs, spray it blonde, wear a suit and be Donald Trump. 

More popular, I think, and not meant to be sacrilegious, is to be Pope Francis. Get some poster board to make the miter hat, a pillow case or sheet for the cassock, tie it with a rope belt and the blessings will be yours. Of course, you can take the easy way out and buy a costume.

Next week I will put together the little goodie bags, as I do every year, so I will know how many gremlins came by. It’s fun to see the next generation stopping by, so I look forward to seeing the children of former trick-or-treaters, to name a few, Johnny Vacca, Chrissy (Dvorak) Long, Joe Dvorak IV and Elizabeth (Brodhay) Kos. 

Many will be accompanied by grandparents, so I know I will see some of the Tess grandchildren. My costume? Still time to think about it.