I had not planned on writing about the Cubs this year, but how could I not? They are deserving of more than the 400 words this column occupies in the Landmark. 

Formerly referred to as the lovable losers, they have shed not only that moniker but the goat as well, and have led us into a new era of Chicago baseball. 

There is so much to be thankful for and I would like to direct it to the following people: 

Thank you, Joe Maddon for taking over as the pack leader of this team and bringing them up to the front pages of the daily papers and keeping them from getting jaded by the press. 

Thank you team, for being what you are — a team — giving us, the fans, something to cheer about. Thank you for making the first news I heard in the morning “Cubs win” rather than how many had been killed in Chicago the night before. 

Thank you for letting us know that baseball can be played in October by our favorite team, and that what was supposed to be next year happened this year.

As you can tell, I enjoyed the season and would have loved to see it go on longer, but when you are a Cubs fan you learn patience and how to be thankful. 

This is a great group of kids, and I say “kids” because I think I have some shoes older than many of them. Their behavior on and off the field was to their credit and all those associated with the team from the front office on down. 

Thanks, Ricketts family. Let’s keep the boys together and sticking around. If any of them are interested, we have plenty of houses in Riverside for sale. I know Coach Maddon likes to ride his bike to the field, so I don’t think he would be coming out to the burbs, although this is a great place to bike ride.

This was a season to be remembered, who would’ve thought? In the meantime, I will put away my “Holy Cow” pin and reread some of the exploits of the lovable Cubs from this season. 

Just think, we won’t have to wait as long for spring training because the Cubs have shown us they can play baseball in October. OK, boys, get lots of rest and come out swinging in 2016. Thanks for a great season!