I haven’t written in a while, but several things have been on my mind:

I object to video gambling in Riverside. It’s bad enough we are giving “incentives” to businesses and putting additional burdens on taxpayers. The village will not gain any additional income from this versus additional congestion and police response.

I’m glad to see a teachers’ contract signed, but I haven’t been able to determine their contribution to health care. I can figure the percentage/salary contribution, but is that per month or year, and are they offered PPO and/or just HMO plans?

I wish the Riverside-Brookfield High School board would stop wasting taxpayers’ money on court costs suing Brookfield.

I’m glad that the downtown renovation is put on hold ’til next year, I would hope the trustees will rethink some of the construction options, such as the pavers used on the sidewalks.

Since Mr. S4ells would prefer exposed aggregate for replacing residential sidewalks for historical correctness, it should be used in the business district.

As for sidewalk replacement, why was the Longcommon Road sidewalk redirected at Audubon Road? You now have to go out of your way to get from the north side of Longcommon Road to the south side.

Also, the two crosswalks on Longcommon Road at Delaplaine and the ball park are lowered, and the sidewalks are depressed from the normal level, which could be a hazard at night and in the winter, not to mention a homeowner or landscaper falling off the higher-than-before from lawns.

Frank C. Vlazny