Density. Depending on who you ask, that’s a very loaded word when it comes to redeveloping Brookfield’s downtown area and other residential areas of the village.

Yet, the message last week to developers at a special event at village hall was simple; “Brookfield wants development, and it wants it to be dense.”

Of course, the village would like to target that density and has named the three Metra stations in town as places where that kind of dense development might be appropriate. Afterwards, Village Manager Keith Sbiral hedged on that statement a bit, saying that some areas, such as near the Hollywood stop, might not be wonderful for dense developments.

But, make no mistake, the Prairie Avenue and Congress Park stations are surely areas where the village sees great potential for multistory mixed-use commercial/residential developments.

That has not always been met with great enthusiasm in the past. Although it’s just part of the landscape now, the six-story condo building on Brookfield Avenue near the Prairie stop helped take down a political administration.

The current administration would like to build a Brave New Brookfield. Of course, developers will drive whether it happens, but Brookfield residents ought to be forewarned — it’s coming.