Jean Carlos Deleon

A 21-year-old Cicero man out on bond for an October vehicle break-in in Riverside is back behind bars — this time being held without bond — after he returned to the village Monday and allegedly stole UPS packages from two homes.

Back in October, Jean Carlos Deleon was one of two men Riverside police suspected of committing several vehicle break-ins. At the time he arrested on Oct. 7, Deleon was charged with felony theft. He also was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet for an unrelated offense.

Yet, Judge Ann Finley Collins set Deleon’s bond at $1,000 for the theft charge and $1,000 for violating the terms of his electronic monitoring. That meant Deleon only needed only 10 percent of the total bond — $200 — to walk free.

After Collins set the bonds, Police Chief Weitzel wrote a letter to Cheyrl Ingram, the presiding judge of Cook County’s Fourth Municipal District, officially protesting the low bond amount and stating that he believed Collins felt “it was more important to ensure that the Cook County Jail was not overcrowded than it was to take into consideration the possibility of [Deleon] getting right back out and committing the same crimes over and over again.”

Apparently, however, he remained jailed until Nov. 6. Three days later, he was back in Riverside — and his first stop was the Riverside Police Department.

According to Weitzel, Deleon came into the police station lobby at about 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 9 and demanded that personal items taken from him during his arrest in October be returned.

Except, according to Weitzel, the items he was requesting were items that he allegedly stole.

“He asked for property and cash from the October burglaries,” said Weitzel. “He was serious.”

When police asked Deleon to leave the station, he reportedly became angry and grabbed a flag from a flag-collection box and walked out.

Within 20 minutes police received a call about a subject stealing a UPS package from a house in the 200 block of East Burlington Street. The witness told police that the subject picked up the package, tore it open and continued to walk eastbound.

Police located the subject, who turned out to be Deleon, in the 300 block of Herrick Road. Officers reported recovering a pair of shoes and a music box from Deleon. They also reported discovering another opened UPS package that had been stashed in some bushes in the 100 block of East Burlington Street.

Because the value of the stolen property was less than $300, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to press felony charges against Deleon.

However, on Wednesday at the Criminal Court Building in Chicago, where all bond hearings are held on holidays and weekends, a judge ordered Deleon held without bond for violating the terms of his prior bonds.

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