An inspection of the Riverside-Brookfield High School swimming pool, ordered this summer after a light fixture fell and crashed on the pool deck, has indicated that additional supports are needed for the ceiling of the facility.

A structural engineer retained by District 208 is working with engineers from Wight & Company and McHugh Construction to identify exactly what is needed. Wight is the architectural firm that designed the roughly $66 million renovation and addition to RBHS that was completed in 2010. McHugh was the general contractor on the project.

The pool has been marred by problems since it was built, including an insufficient ventilation system which has since been upgraded with additional duct work.

The most recent review indicated the need for additional support of the ventilation system in two or three areas of the ceiling. 

“They are going to put in some additional X-bracing off one section off of the air handler and ducts,” Superintendent Kevin Skinkis told the school board in October. “That is pretty common from what our structural engineer consultant told us. When there are large air ducts like that being put in, sometimes X bracing is left out or removed for the install and then not secured back in.” 

Two joist hangers, steel rods, could be installed to support the duct work. According to Skinkis, engineers are still determining how many duct hangers need to be installed. However, Skinkis said, the pool are remains open and is safe to use.

The costs for the work have not yet been determined, according to Skinkis, and no work has started on the fix.

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