What happened to Veterans Day? Just a year ago I attended the last Riverside car show in September and Parked next to our war memorial. I had driven by many times, not knowing what it was.

Later that week I wrote complaining what poor shape it was in. After it was published, I read replies sent to the Landmark and received several phone calls and an invitation to attend the November ceremony.

I could not make it last year. This year it fell on a day I had off, but I saw no mention of it in the Landmark. So I called and was told they had not received any notification. I call Riverside Village Hall and they knew nothing of it, nor did the township office or the police department.

The only information was in the Kosey Corner column in the Landmark, mentioning something at RBHS. This was more of a brunch and meet-and-greet and listen o the veterans’ stories. Not being a vet, I would have been uncomfortable eating with them.

Other surrounding villages had ceremonies and it being a beautiful November day I went to the one in Brookfield and joined a large group. I spoke to several people I know as customer from the LaGrange Park Ace Hardware.

It was a great day, very emotional and inspiring. Thank you, Brookfield for honoring our veterans and making Nov. 11 a special day for them.

One suggestion would be for Brookfield to test their sound system before the event to make sure speakers could be heard.

Frank C. Vlazny