My 64-year-old sister, Nannette Richert, had a severe surprise heart attack Thanksgiving week. After a 12-hour surgery including a quadruple bypass and four days of staying alive on multiple machines, she died. None of my family or her kids had any chance to say anything to her. It happened so fast. We were all devastated.

I’m writing this to share my many positive helpful things that came from this tragedy.

The administrators and department heads and workers of every North Riverside agency, including the library, made either verbal or written condolences to me and my family. The mayor and nearly every politician did the same.

The Mater Christi Parish leaders and parishioners went out of their way to share good words and any needed help. Village residents I hardly knew went the extra mile to help. So many people came to the wake and funeral that there was barely room to move.

The condolences at all levels were so sincere and caring that I was sincerely touched.

I am writing this to thank every single person for every card, letter or word to help me over this sorrow. The village of North Riverside is so very exceptional at all levels that their goodness and caring is almost unheard of today.

I sincerely hope that anyone and everyone who faces sorrow and death can receive the fantastic support that my family and especially I did.

You cannot comprehend the power of these words and notes. I hope everyone in time of great need receives the same help I did. My sincere thanks to the village and every loving, caring person who gave so freely to help in a touch situation.

Jim Zak

North Riverside