Many thanks to Riverside Village Manager Jessica Frances, Police Chief Tom Weitzel and the village for providing two crossing guards at First Avenue and Forest Avenue, when students are going to and from school. 

This very busy and potentially dangerous intersection has been a concern of mine due to minor incidents and near misses in the past. For some time now, I have pushed for two crossing guards to be deployed there and am delighted that they are now positioned to protect the Hauser and RBHS students that walk and bike across that intersection.

My only suggestion is that the much younger male crossing guard at Burlington and Longcommon be deployed at First and Forest. This will require moving the most senior crossing guard from there to our downtown area. Traffic on First and Forest is faster moving and potentially more risky, requiring a crossing guard that is able to move quickly to avoid an approaching vehicle.

Thank you again for the second crossing guard at First And Forest and for the village’s commitment to insure student safety.

Randy Brockway