Well, only a couple more days and it will be Christmas. Like many people, I am not ready. I think Dec. 25 comes earlier each year, at least it does in my date book.

I still have more cards to send out, which is typical of me, so if you have received my greeting, lucky you. Some years I even start at the back of my list to get those out sooner. Many I have on the side because I want to write a little note (hopefully). 

Which brings me to the subject of Christmas letters. I like getting them even though I don’t know who many of the people are that they’re writing about. However, having received a number of letters over the years, I feel like I do know them, and it’s fun to hear about them, I think. I particularly like the ones that are full of good news, even though I think they kind of stretch some of the adjectives. 

I have never sent a letter although I’ve been tempted to. Some on my list, however, receive personal notes. If I had done one this year, it would have included our granddaughter Stephanie’s wedding to Tyler as the highlight. Other facts that could have been included: Husband Joe is doing well and still taking his 13 meds daily. Plus, he passed his driver’s test which was good for me. I did not want to add chauffer to my list. I broke out with a case of hives and have been itching quite a bit, but trooper that I am, I continue on. Children and grandchildren doing fine. Basically that would have been my letter — with more adjectives.

All the ornaments are on the tree. Some of them were put on as late as Sunday night. The tree with only lights on it was just not enough, so now it is fine. 

A few more gifts to pick up and wrap or toss into holiday bags with tissue paper, and I will be good to go. Of course, anything forgotten can be covered by a gift card. One would think that after all these years, I would have it all together. But why change now?

This year was the year I was going to make cookies. Even if they were packaged, that would have counted. Hasn’t happened, but I know my good friend Teresa will come through. Hers are the best

One last thing I can’t forget: Happy holidays to you and yours, and I really mean it.

Oops department: the Hammer concert is on Tuesday, Dec. 29, check your calendars.

I need to concentrate more.