As a resident of Riverside, I am saddened by the news that swastikas were found on a home in Riverside (“Swastikas painted on Riverside home under construction,” News, Dec. 30, 2015). What a way to welcome a new couple to the suburb! 

Such behavior has no place in a civilized society and should be condemned by all who witness it. I hope that the perpetrators can be found and given a history lesson about what these symbols really mean. Hopefully, it is mere ignorance that led to this incident.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not new to the area. In 1989, I found two swastikas on the back windshield of my car in the student parking lot of Riverside-Brookfield High School. Luckily it was “written” in snow and I wiped it off instantly. 

I taught at this school for almost four decades and parked there without any trouble. That one day was the exception. In the early 1990s a couple had a cross burned on their lawn in Berwyn. Some neighbors in the Riverside-Brookfield area thought that the couple (who were black and from out of state) should have been told by their Realtor not to buy or rent in this area. I pointed out various federal equal housing laws to these neighbors, but it made no difference in their opinions.

Hopefully, we have evolved enough in 2016 into a society that gets beyond these types of incidents. I also hope that this new couple stays in Riverside and views this incident as isolated.

Jan Goldberg


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