Meaningful words when added to handmade artwork can take on a deeper meaning. This is much of the reasoning for the artwork done by ceramic artist April Wimmer Korte called “Pieces of Me.” 

According to Korte, the name just came to her as she feels her ceramic pieces are inspirational and the words on many of the items are encouraging.

I first saw her work at the Brookfield Arts Festival this past summer. We purchased some of her ceramic leaf ornaments and a small leaf dish that has a variety of uses; thinking ahead we ordered some for Christmas gifts. 

Each piece is handmade and goes through a considerable process before it’s considered complete. She selects objects from nature, such as an oak leaf, and imbeds it in the clay carefully removes it later. Small pieces of clay with inspirational wording are applied before the work is sanded and fired, and two coats of glaze or paint are applied. 

Creating each piece is time consuming, with most of the work done by Korte herself, who also employs a few people to do the painting and glazing.

In the 15 years since Korte has expanded the line of items she makes. Currently they include ornaments, vases, small dishes and trays. She has been selling her art at various shows in the area but is planning to expand the availability of her work and her product line. 

For now, you can contact her at They are lovely items to give and receive.

If the name Wimmer sounds familiar, it should. She is the daughter of Mike And Louise Wimmer, the owners of Higgins Glass. 

Her brother, Jonathan, is also at Higgins Glass and enjoys cooking as does his brother Myron. His sister Celeste is at Higgins Glass, while Laura designs T-shirts and Monica works with polymers. The creative gene came naturally from their parents.

Louise is well-known for her work at Higgins Glass and April’s dad, Mike, is an architect. There must be some interesting conversations when the Wimmer clan gets together.

New for 2016: The Chew Chew has expanded its hours, opening at 4 p.m. for Happy Hour, and the restaurant is open for 7 days a week. Fewer days I have to cook. 

Expect the paper to come down from the windows sometime soon at the former Grumpy’s, next door to Chew Chew. 

And did I notice some furniture in the window of the store on Riverside Road which formerly was Sticky? Yes, I did, Check it out. 

Riverside on the move. Keep it going.