I have always said that if I were to win one of the big lotteries it would not change me — and I would like the chance to prove that statement to be true. I have played the lottery numerous times and have not been able to test what I have said, but I will keep on trying. 

However, a number of years ago I did match five numbers, which got me more than $1,600 which I shared with my immediate family and purchased a small piece of jewelry for myself so I would remember the event. 

I will tell you it was exciting, because you don’t believe it. You read the numbers over and over, then you hold onto the ticket — not letting it go until it can be redeemed. My mother also matched five numbers once. She had a bigger payoff. 

My mom used her grandchildren’s birthdays for her numbers, but it seemed she made a mistake on one of the dates and ended up one number off. It was sad, because she said she would have bought new cars for all the grandchildren.

Obviously many of you have tried your luck on the massive Powerball drawing this past week to maybe, just maybe, be the one to win. Well as of Monday, it hadn’t happened. 

While we all would like to win — and it doesn’t have to be the whole ginormous amount, it could be just a few million — half the fun of playing the Lotto is imagining what you would do with the winnings. 

There are those who will go for the luxury items right away or pay off bills and be practical to a point. Many of you would display your charitable side and give generously to the many places your money would do good. 

Of course, you know this will happen only after the IRS gets their share, which I would hope they would use wisely, and after you have found a good financial person. You will change your phone number and be leery of those who claim to be long lost relatives.

So I will continue to buy lottery tickets, using the quick pick and picking my own numbers, because as they say, “If you’re not in it, you can’t win it.” 

I do think I would have a big party and invite many of you. And, yes, I would go to Disneyland. So good luck to all of us!