The middle of January is never the best time to decide to begin a search for a school superintendent, especially in a place like Lyons-Brookfield District 103, which needs a steady hand at the tiller now more than ever.

But with the upheaval sparked by the last election, we suppose this kind of delay was not really a surprise. The new district officials, a host of newcomers led by a part-time superintendent, were busy trying to figure out where things were, like the money needed to operate the district (apparently not properly levied in 2014).

And the new board majority came into power with no experience whatsoever in running a school district. Mainly, they spent time taking orders from Lyons Village Hall.

So D103 will have to make the best of a not-ideal situation in the next few months, picking through a list of superintendent candidates who weren’t chosen by other districts that started their searches last fall.

They’ll also have to convince whoever ends up in the mix that the incoming superintendent’s administrative team has been chosen for him or her. And that the new superintendent is going to have to expect to defer to outside political interests along the way.

That’s going to narrow an already narrowed field a bit more.

It’s not an ideal situation. And it’s also cold comfort that the folks leading the superintendent search led the last one. That turned out less than ideal and helped set up the current situation.

Good luck.

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