It’s a time-honored complaint that residents of most any community have, that the local taxing authorities just don’t provide them with enough information.

With some important decisions facing people who live throughout Brookfield coming in the next 11 months, it’ll be important for that information to get to voters.

Fortunately for residents, the village of Brookfield will host two more information sessions regarding their proposal to issue $22 million in bonds to fund residential street repairs during the next decade or so.

That’s a lot of money and it means that homeowners, if the referendum is successful, are going to see their tax bills go up by hundreds of dollars over the next 15 years.

Add to that the Brookfield Library’s plans for a new facility, which could add to the total (and that doesn’t even include District 95’s impending plan for a new school building), and we’re talking some serious implications for local taxpayers.

The library is hosting the second of two open houses on Saturday and will hold two more sessions in the coming weeks that will provide more information about the proposed plan and how it’s going to be financed.

If you want a chance to talk to the officials elected to represent you at the local level face-to-face and find out just how these proposals will affect you, here are some opportunites.