Randy Czajka was a very real man, a devoted husband and father, a very interested and caring participant in all aspects of North Riverside life — hoping to make it better for all of us. His work on the village board was a sterling example for all people, young and old. 

Even though at the end he was sick and getting worse, he would be at the meetings, knew what was going on, expressed his thoughts sincerely, as best he could, and always voted his conscience.

I often talked to him before and after meetings — he always held my hand tightly and with eyes aglow and an intense smile — and always responded to my many words. His favorite words were “hi” and “thank you.” Class all the way.

I was fortunate and proud to know Randy, who took all the seasons of life and lived them to the fullest. The sun isn’t quite as bright, but the world is a better place, especially North Riverside and every person who ever dealt with Randy.

Jim Zak

North Riverside