This week, Brook Park Elementary School and several other locations in the LaGrange Park area are holding a toy drive for Comer Children’s Hospital. The drive was the idea of kindergarten classmates of Chris Ellis, who has been in treatment at Comer throughout the school year.

The “K Kids” group collected several large boxes of toys at the annual Brook Park Carnival over the weekend of Feb. 6-7, and students and families are continuing to collect donations throughout the week at the school. The LaGrange Park Library and local churches are also participating.

As part of the initiative, a Child Life representative from Comer visited the students at Brook Park and talked about what children of all ages do while staying at the hospital, and how important it is for them to have access to toys and games for play and learning as part of their experience. Comer relies on donations to maintain a supply of items for children.

More information on the toy drive can be found here.

Comer is also accepting donations via Amazon. You can note that the purchase is “For Chris.”