Brookfield police last week tracked down the person suspected of dumping old, used vehicle tires all over the village’s south end during the past couple of months — and handed him a citation for littering.

Police got a break in their investigation on Feb. 11 when someone from the Brookfield Motel, 8809 Ogden Ave., called at about 11 a.m. to report that he saw a van pull up to the dumpster, and that a subject got out and placed two tires in the trash.

While the vehicle was gone by the time police responded, they were able to trace the registration to a 2000 Dodge Caravan owned by a 47-year-old man who was registered as a guest at the Brookfield Motel.

An officer observed the vehicle parked in front of a room at the motel and checked it out. The middle row of seats had been removed and a car jack lay in the passenger compartment. There were no tires inside the vehicle.

A similar vehicle had been described as a possible offending vehicle related to numerous illegal tire dumping incidents on the south end of Brookfield since the beginning of January.

Police visited the room where the vehicle’s owner was registered as a guest and confronted him about reports of his vehicle being involved in illegal tire dumping. The man reportedly told police that he’s homeless and admitted to dumping tires several times in the area.

The man told police that he collects tires from mechanics, who pay him between $1 and $5 per tire to dispose of the tires. The man reportedly told police he gets rid of the tires anywhere he can.

Police reported the man was apologetic, saying he only does it to get money to get by. He wasn’t able to tell police exactly where he had dumped tires in the past. Police have reported nine such incidents since Jan. 1.

An officer issued the man a citation for unlawfully placing refuse on others’ property. He was given an adjudication date of Feb. 25 at the Brookfield Village Hall.