Our concerns for the detention pond are that the village is intending on the lot they purchased at 3526 Forest Avenue are:

That fencing, especially a chain-link fence, won’t be aesthetically pleasing to the neighborhood. A design plan should have been presented to the homeowners on the block if something was going to be done on a residential lot that didn’t conform to the rest of the area.

By simply putting a larger sign on the lot with an architectural drawing would have been communication enough for us to be aware of what the intention was and would have given us enough time to yea or nay the process rather than scramble to stop what is going on right before the village is ready to break ground.

Fencing could potentially attract more children to want to climb over the fence to get on the other side out of curiosity, causing more of a danger than leaving it just as an open detention pond.

The depth, whether fenced or not, is a danger not only to the children that live on either side of the lot but to the many other children that live in the surrounding area. This will be a danger, wet or dry.

Fencing the area may attempt to release the village from liability, but that in itself says that it’s being placed in the wrong area. It says the lot does not provide enough space to accomplish what the village is attempting.

We realize the village is trying to help a community and it is greatly appreciated. Had we been better communicated with throughout the process, we wouldn’t be scrambling to get this going in a different direction.

We aren’t against this entirely, but making one block have to deal with what we see will be an eyesore just isn’t the right avenue or an acceptable solution. We believe in this village and it can do better.

Charmain and Oscar Marroquin


It is my hope that this feature will not cause a major disruption on our street or for our direct area. The construction and creation may disrupt our traffic and cause safety issues.

Since we live directly in front of Salt Creek, if this feature dumps the overload of water into the creek, it could cause the water to flood my backyard and move towards my home.

We are new in the area and were eager to settle in Brookfield with no problems or disruptions to our neighborhood, let alone our block. It is definitely a concerning issue to have this enormous container built on our block.

David Parolin


I am aware that this feature will create a major traffic and safety issue if/when construction begins. This is not something anyone would want to happen on their block, especially for an extended amount of time. Not having direct access to our street or homes is not fair to the residents of Forest Avenue. 

We are new members of the Brookfield community and were not appreciative to hear about a new, overbearing feature that will be located across from our home. This will be an eyesore and a possible quick fix on flooding. It should be reconsidered and/or planned to be located in a more discreet spot.

I hope that this will not hurt the value of our homes on Forest Avenue or make my new home depreciate. I also pray that the flood water would not overflow the creek, which is essentially my backyard and could cause my home to flood.

Jill Parolin


I really appreciate your effort to help us not to get floods but the plan you came up with is totally inappropriate, unattractive, sad and a real eyesore.

Please consider our concerns real and find another solution to solve flooding in our area. About our children’s safety, you said they are already at risk because of the creek. Yes, they are, but with this project you came up with, you are increasing this chance double.

Jolanta Kunickaite