The Brookfield Village Board will be devoting its March 28 committee of the whole meeting to the proposed Forest/Washington pump station, a project that’s been in the works for three years.

In the past month, since a spring groundbreaking was announced, residents have been panicking. Mostly the concern has revolved around the above-ground storm water overflow area on a Forest Avenue residential lot purchased a couple years back by the village.

Part of the problem is that the village hasn’t provided a clear visual representation of how this lot is going to look, and people have conjured all manner of visions in their heads, from a concrete pond beckoning children to their deaths to a sinister fenced-in eyesore attracting drug dealers and criminals.

Hopefully, the March 28 meeting will go a long way toward assuaging those fears and give residents a clear sense of what the benefits will be to their neighborhood. The village is actually trying to solve a problem here, one that residents themselves have complained about for years.