Lawrence Adamczyk

A 52-year-old Rockford man, once arrested for allegedly wandering through Riverside-Brookfield High School looking for boys to have sex with, was declared a sexually dangerous person by a jury in DuPage County on March 4 and placed under the guardianship of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Lawrence Adamczyk will be held indefinitely, according to officials, but could petition the court for release in the future. After a three-day hearing last week, however, it took a jury just 20 minutes to rule that Adamczyk was sexually dangerous.

Two Riverside police officers and a security employee of Riverside-Brookfield High School testified at the hearing, during which Adamczyk served as his own legal counsel and testified for more than two hours, according to a spokesman from the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel praised the jury’s verdict, saying it confirmed what he had concluded three years ago. 

“DuPage County just did what Cook County should have done in the first place,” said Weitzel, who wrote a letter to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board in early 2013 calling Adamczyk “a threat to the general public.”

On Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, Adamczyk was wandering through RBHS carrying a duffel bag when his presence alarmed a security employee who called police.

Adamczyk reportedly told police he was looking for boys to have sex with and that he initially intended to go to Brookfield Zoo. However, he entered the high school after claiming he heard voices in his head, including that of pop singer Justin Bieber, telling him to go there instead.

During interviews with police following his arrest, Adamczyk told investigators he began to hear voices while he was in his 30s, and he recounted in sexually explicit terms what drove him to enter RBHS.

At the time of the Riverside incident, Adamczyk was on parole for a 2011 conviction for aggravated battery for inappropriately touching three men while they were exercising at a St. Charles health club. He had been paroled about two weeks and was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle when he turned up at RBHS.

He also had been arrested for a similar incident in 2005 at Northern Illinois University and in 2009 at a high school in Rockford. Despite those arrests and the conviction, he was not required to register as a sex offender.

Riverside police in 2013 charged Adamczyk with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing, but less than a month later Cook County Judge Ramon Ocasio found Adamczyk not guilty, though his parole was revoked and he remained imprisoned until July 2013 for the St. Charles incident.

Weitzel was incensed, prompting his letter to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, which urged revocation of Adamczyk’s parole and stated, “I strongly disagree with the judge’s decision.”

 The police chief said Cook County officials dismissed his concerns.

“They said, ‘You’re overreacting,'” Weitzel said.

Then in August 2014, Adamczyk allegedly broke into Lake Park High School in Roselle, which was locked, and tried to lure a student to his car. He was charged with burglary and has been held at DuPage County Jail since that arrest.

As of Monday afternoon, Adamczyk was still listed as being held in DuPage County.

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